Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easy Fix For LG G2 D802 Horizontal Lines On Display

In case that your LG G2 D802  got cracked screen witch you wanted to replace on your own, well, this text is for you.
Before you go further, I would love to point out that I do not take any responsibility for any damages, injuries or any other kind of loss that you suffer by following this guide. This guide is done as a research project to prove certain concepts of repairing mobile phones. It does not mean that it will work for you.
The most common places to get replacement LCD or touchscreen are eBay.com and aliexpress.com. For this cell phone LCD, touchscreen and frame are sold as a combo, which actually is quite a convenient thing. If you are not a pro, imagine all the stuff that could go wrong if you were to replace only touchscreen or only a LCD. Problems with UV gel stuff, parts placement, air bubbles etc.
Well, if you ordered a full combo (LCD+touchscreen+frame) there is a possibility that you get a faulty screen with horizontal lines. Also, these lines can appear just after period for refund has passed. There can be different versions of this problem. In my case, display was just fine right until I mounted the battery cover on the phone, or at least it appeared that it was fine. After examination I found out that it was a flat cable problem. When bending it in certain positions lines would appear and disappear probably due to bad solder/weld of the contacts.

The Fix Part Starts Here

To make the long story short, to fix this I used piece of thermal pad and placed it over the flat cable (thing marked with the red circle on the picture). This applies just enough pressure to immobilize the flat cable and make it not to lose contact and distort the display even when back cover is mounted. There is no need for adhesive in this case since the plastic cover that is mounted over this cable will hold the thermal pad just right.

If You Need Help Disassembling Your LG G2

YouTube video below could be useful. It is a little bit tricky, so carefully follow the instructions and watch not to loose screws or some other parts.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Best KMPlayer Alternative

Every one of you that has been using KMPlayer has experienced some disappointing stuff lately. For me it was the best player ever, great shortcuts, very fast, lots of options and nice looking.
But at one point when advertisements were introduced, which I found quite aggressive, KMPlayer was not my number one choice for playing videos on my computer.
Yes, I know what most of you will say, go with the VLC media player, it works great. Yes, it does work great, on the other hand I used KMPlayer because it felt better that using VLC player.
After searching the web for right alternative it all came to the PotPlayer, downloadable at this website.
After all the search that I have done, this one is the best alternative. Therefore no need for top 10 style blog post, but top 1 with the winning PotPlayer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

KMPlayer Problem - Display Artifacts/Pixelated/Ghosted Screen

Problem with KMPlayer and bad video reproduction is occuring more and more frequently. Best description  would be that there is a problem with rendering because video is pixelated, with artifacts and ghosting. It is usually manifested when seeking video.
There were some attempts to fix this problem by changing render engine.
You can do that by right clicking KMPlayer display area, going to Video (Advanced) --> Video Renderer and choosing different renderer than one currently selected. This didn't work for me.
If this does not work for you either, here is a real (possible) solution that you might try.
Go to Options --> Preferences (right click KM Player display). In preferences window go to Filter Control --> Decoder Usage. In section for choosing Usage of Internal decoders activate Only use if it fails to play with system default. Hopefully this will solve your problem.
Please leave a comment and share your experiences!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Remove uTorrent Toolbar - utorrentcontrol_v2

Latest versions of popular BitTorrent client, µTorrent seems to be bundled with toolbar, customized web search and µTorrent search for homepage. Everybody hates web browser hijacking. Since there are no uninstall options for these toolbars I decided to write down a fast solution to this problem.
µTorrent installer covers all major web browser, fix for three most popular browsers will be covered, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


I take no responsibility for any damages to your data, hardware or any other kind of goods, that are caused by actions in this instructable. Everything that you do is your choice.

Removing uTorrent Toolbar - Microsoft Internet Explorer

To remove uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar from your Internet Explorer follow these simple steps.
uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar files are located in  C:\Program Files\uTorrentControl_v2\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\uTorrentControl_v2\
By navigating to this folder you will find an uninstaller for uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar. Run it. Toolbar will uninstall but it will leave prxtbuTor.dll file. Just delete uTorrentControl_v2 folder in your Program Files folder. Internet Explorer needs to be closed to delete prxtbuTor.dll file.
For the hijacked home page simply go to Internet Explorer, Tools (small gear wheel, far right side of the window) and choose Internet Options, or pres Windows key + R and type inetcpl.cpl. After that, just type internet address of website that you want for your home page.

Removing uTorrent Toolbar -Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is hijacked in three ways. You get a uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar, default search engine is changed to uTorrent Customized Search and your home page is changed.
To disable Toolbar, click Firefox button (top left corner) and choose Add-ons. In Extensions section choose uTorrent Toolbar and remove it or disable it.
For the search engine, just choose the one that you like from the drop down list next to a search text box. If you want to permanently remove it, choose Manage Search Engines... option from the bottom of the drop down list. After that, just choose search engine that you want to remove and hit Remove button (hello Mr. Obvious :) ).
To change home page click Firefox button (top left corner) and choose Options. In General tab set desired URL for home page.

Removing uTorrent Toolbar - Google Chrome

Your Chrome gets hijacked with uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar and by having your homepage changed.
To disable uTorrentControl_v2 Toolbar click Customize and control Google Chrome (top right button with three horizontal lines on it) and choose Settings. In Extensions section disable or remove uTorrent Toolbar. While in Options go to settings section and set homepage of your choice. It can be done by selecting one of the three radio buttons, Open the New Tab Page, Continue where I left off  and last Open a specific page or set of pages where you can set custom URL for your home page.


It is done! Not much of a conclusion :) Feel free to enjoy your browser without annoying uTorrent Toolbar, home page and "customized search". Come again and read more of my fast solutions!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Change Language From Chinese To English In Foxmail

Many of you have probably noticed that when installing Foxmail, the default language for the Foxmail user interface is Chinese. So by not having an option to change the language, and not being Chinese bunch of people could not use the application.
Actually there is an easy way to change the language in Foxmail from Chinese to English.
This is how you do it.

1. Open "My Computer"

2. Go to this folder "C:\Program Files\Tencent\Foxmail" (if your system disk is not C:, then change with the right letter)

3. Delete file "chinese.lgb" (backup if you wish).

And there you go, next time you open Foxmail menu, and everything else will be in English.
This can be quite useful to remember, since when the Foxmail updates it turns all the menus back to Chinese, so you have to delete "chinese.lgb" after every update (if the menus get to be Chinese).
This works on Foxmail 6 beta, if you know that it works on some other versions please feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Files That You Cannot Delete

All of you have probably encountered a situation when you want to delete certain file but you could not do it because the file was used by another process or application (Cannot delete 'file': It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.)
But if you don't know which program is using that file then you don't know which program to close, which process to end.
Solution for this problem is LockHunter.
After installing this application you just right click the file you can not delete and click What is locking this file? The program will give you options related to file you want to delete, like which program is using it, to unlock it, delete it, when to delete etc.
Have fun unlocking your files.
Be carefull what you delete.
You can get LockHunter here, it's small, easy, and fast.

Disable Error Reporting, Error Reporting Problem

This is for those of you that have problem with Error Report window pops up. This annoying thing reports you when certain system errors occur, although your Windows will work just fine if the errors were not reported. By disabling this option you will continue using your computer uninterrupted.
It is quite easy to do!

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Double click "System" icon

3. Go to "Advanced" tab

4. In the bottom of "Advanced" tab you will find "Error Reporting" button, click on it.

5. Click on "Disable error reporting" button, and deselect the option "But notify me when critical errors occur"

6. Click OK

And there you go, there will be no more Error Reporting problems. If your computer gets to be unstable you may have it checked for hardware failures.