Friday, March 8, 2013

KMPlayer Problem - Display Artifacts/Pixelated/Ghosted Screen

Problem with KMPlayer and bad video reproduction is occuring more and more frequently. Best description  would be that there is a problem with rendering because video is pixelated, with artifacts and ghosting. It is usually manifested when seeking video.
There were some attempts to fix this problem by changing render engine.
You can do that by right clicking KMPlayer display area, going to Video (Advanced) --> Video Renderer and choosing different renderer than one currently selected. This didn't work for me.
If this does not work for you either, here is a real (possible) solution that you might try.
Go to Options --> Preferences (right click KM Player display). In preferences window go to Filter Control --> Decoder Usage. In section for choosing Usage of Internal decoders activate Only use if it fails to play with system default. Hopefully this will solve your problem.
Please leave a comment and share your experiences!


Anonymous said...

That it. Thank you. I had also tried ever renderer with no success. Your solution is the answer!

Milan said...

Thank you for your feedback :)

Anonymous said...

Wow You Saved my Day man.. Thanks a Bunch!!



did not work for me

Milan said...

@Anonymous You are welcome :)

@Loay Tattan, sorry that it did not work for you. Maybe it is different kind of problem.

Anonymous said...

The second option worked like a charm. You're a lifesaver.

Thank you.

P said...

The 2nd solution worked for me. Thanks.

Surfer said...

The 2nd solution worked for me. Thanks a million.