Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easy Fix For LG G2 D802 Horizontal Lines On Display

In case that your LG G2 D802  got cracked screen witch you wanted to replace on your own, well, this text is for you.
Before you go further, I would love to point out that I do not take any responsibility for any damages, injuries or any other kind of loss that you suffer by following this guide. This guide is done as a research project to prove certain concepts of repairing mobile phones. It does not mean that it will work for you.
The most common places to get replacement LCD or touchscreen are eBay.com and aliexpress.com. For this cell phone LCD, touchscreen and frame are sold as a combo, which actually is quite a convenient thing. If you are not a pro, imagine all the stuff that could go wrong if you were to replace only touchscreen or only a LCD. Problems with UV gel stuff, parts placement, air bubbles etc.
Well, if you ordered a full combo (LCD+touchscreen+frame) there is a possibility that you get a faulty screen with horizontal lines. Also, these lines can appear just after period for refund has passed. There can be different versions of this problem. In my case, display was just fine right until I mounted the battery cover on the phone, or at least it appeared that it was fine. After examination I found out that it was a flat cable problem. When bending it in certain positions lines would appear and disappear probably due to bad solder/weld of the contacts.

The Fix Part Starts Here

To make the long story short, to fix this I used piece of thermal pad and placed it over the flat cable (thing marked with the red circle on the picture). This applies just enough pressure to immobilize the flat cable and make it not to lose contact and distort the display even when back cover is mounted. There is no need for adhesive in this case since the plastic cover that is mounted over this cable will hold the thermal pad just right.

If You Need Help Disassembling Your LG G2

YouTube video below could be useful. It is a little bit tricky, so carefully follow the instructions and watch not to loose screws or some other parts.